Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good Advice

From The Washington Monthly:

That's why I always told people who worked for me to never write email when they were angry — or even merely annoyed. Never. Do it in person or over the phone, or else just wait to calm down. No matter how angry you are, you'll come across as ten times worse than you mean to when you express it via email.

People underestimate the power of the emails they send out. Never before has such instant communication to a large audience been possible. I read an email at least three times before sending it out, imagining not only my recipient reading it but a 1,000 other people. At a previous employer, two people were fired for things they wrote online.

Before I write something I think - do I want to attach my name to this message?


At 3:09 PM GMT-5, Blogger Mozza said...

I hear you. I once got an angry email a few months ago. The person came to apologize in person, but I still have a hard time detaching my perception of this colleague from the angry email.

I started to be paranoid about my own personal email, writing only stuff that could be published one day. I never reply to my lawyers friends on their corporate address.


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